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Borewell Vendors

  • You can contact classifieds, classifieds websites and surrounding areas to get list of bore well vendors, if you don’t know already.
  • Once you collect all vendors and their contact numbers get quotation from every one.
  • Once you get quotation from each and every one put all the quotations in one excel sheet. compare their prices based on the depth you are planning to go.
  • I personally fell this will be the easy way to select vendor based on his quotation.
  • Here I prepared one excel sheet for this purpose. you can download this excel and make use of it. Use the attached excel file this may save 15 min of your time 🙂 . Please note I removed all the vendor names in excel sheet.
  • These charges may differ time to time.I heard vendors will charge more in summer because of season
  • Few bore well diggers will give same rate until 1 – 300 feet and few vendors will give 1 – 250 feet. So see the overall total cost for decision making not only initial price
  • I removed vendor names from excel. Click on the below links . please let me know if this is not accessible.
  • House construction tips Borewell quotation Tracker

HCT_Borewell_Quotation Tracker   — Excel format

  • As of now (Feb2020) In Bangalore all vendors will come and visit your site and see access for the site to get Bore well lorry. They will not charge any thing for this.