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Checklist before renting new house

Owner has to setup below items in rented house before tenent comes into house. This way this will be easier otherwise once tenents joins in house it will be difficult to setup because of co-ordination issues with workers time and tenents time. Most of the below points are relavent to new house but not for the old houses

  1. All the Curton rods holder are available or not including curton rod
  2. In wardrobe shirt hanger rods are setupd or not
  3. Water checking – is water coming proprly or not
  4. Gas pipe line holes are there or not in kitchen
  5. Verify all the power connections
  6. Geysers setup and working condition
  7. Mirrors setup
  8. Wash area on top floor and water provision near wash area
  9. T   angels and wires are available to dry the cloths