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Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris design will give aesthetic look for the house
In previous days masons used to put some design on roof during plastering time now a days it was replaced by POP material.
Plaster of Paris work will be started after one quote of painting.
There are several designs are available in market.
Below are prices which i got from one vendor in Maratha Halli
S.No Design Size Price (Rs) Remarks
1 Flower 3 feet length(Diameter) 750  
2 Flower 2 feet length(Diameter) 650  
3 Flower 1.5 feet length(Diameter) 300  
4 Sqare shape flower   800  
5 Corner Bracket 1 feet 400  
6 Corner Bracket 8 inch 300  
7 Corner Bracket 4 inch 150  
8 Corner design per feet 50 Malasia type
9 Corner design per feet 40 China
10 Corner design per feet 35 local
Border designs:
<Attach photos here>
Corners designs:
<Attach photos here>
Ceiling designs with cement:
Below photograph is one of the simple cement design.
Cealing Center flower designs:


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Plaster of Paris cealing design with paint:
  POP design with paint 1
  POP design with paint