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Electric meters

Electric meters:

Documents need to submit for BESCOM for new connection: This process is applicable inly in Bangalore.

  1. Sale deed of the site
  2. Actual house plan with engineer signature
  3. Tax paid receipts
  4. Duly filled application for new meters

 Mater box: You need to order this panel box to adjust to your requirement because each site will have different need. Most of the electrical shops will make this for you by taking pre-order. Usually these boxes are made with 20 or 18 gauge.

It should be fixed below height of 7 feet so that BESCOM persons can take meter reading .

Electrical Earth process :  If you have place under meter box you can dig four feet depth pit to make earth. For earthing process you need following item

  • Salt — around 50 KGs
  • Cole — one gunny bag
  •  4 feet G.I pipe with holes
  • Copper wire based on the situation — we used for our house 1.5 KG
  • bolt nut for fixing copper wire in GI pipe