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Kadapa Stone

Kadapa Stone will be used in different places in house construction. This is one of the cheapest materia

Based on your convenience and affordability you can use this

Following are the areas where you have a scope to use kadapa stone

    • Cupboard racks:
      • while constructing cubboards you can place them as racks. Since this will cost less than wood, people will use these in cubboards
      • <attach Photo here>
    • Kitchen racks:
      • while constructing kitchen wall you can place kadapa stone.
      • <attach photo here>
      • In case if you already constructed house you can grew the wall and pack kadapa stone.
      • <attach photo here>
    • Racks under kitchen platform
      • <attach photo here>
    • Window shade/Sarja
    •  insted of making window sarja at the time of lintal phase, few people use Kadapa stone.
      • <attach phot here>
    • On top of door/window frames
      • insted of making lintal , few people use Kadapa stone on top of all Door door frames and window frames. Discuss with your engineer about this when you are doing the same.
      • <attach photo here>
  • Under plastic tanks as a base
  • On top of tanks