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Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom fitting are one among the costly items in house 🙂

In bathroom you may use following items
Water mixer
among these items Taps are the ones which will have major maintenance. So be selective while selecting taps.
I suggest you to go for good company products even though they are costly.
Usually good company products will cost more than 30% – 40% extra cost than local taps.
But if you compare maintenance cost it will be almost equivalent.
To change tap spindle  you may need to call plumber and they will charge some amount to come and fix.
even though you are ready to pay the amount some times because of their other works they will not come in time and you are required to do a lot of follow up.
In case if you are repairing in any teanent house it is even difficult to manage everybody’ s time.
At a nutshell, If you use quality products, maintenance wise you will be benefited
you can use baby locks in bathrooms. It is small lock when compared to other locks. it will come for less cost.
Flush tank arranged for indian letrine
  Fixing flush for indian latrine
Bathroom geyser — pending
  Instant geayser 3 ltr
Sink with pedastal
  Sink with pedastal