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It is better to do waterproofing for bathroom to avoid leakages. For our house this time we asked one person to do water proofing.

Here is the process he followed to perform water proofing.

  1. Clean the molding surface and apply few chemicals:
    • This activity is to clear any dust or to bring out any loose cement from the surface. So that chemicals and cement join to the roof surface.
  2. perform plastering on top of molding by giving proper slope.
    • Once after applying chemicals and they will perform plastering to the floor area and to the wall (9 to 12 inch height). please see the below mentioned picture to understand better.
    • waterproofing
  3. Plumber will give the pipes to the out side.
    • Plumber will keep 110 mm pipe and 75 mm pipe to outside
  4. Put one extra pipe and leave it to out side
    • along with bathroom pipes plumber/waterproofing person will keep on extra pipe to outside
  5. Pack all the holes properly
    • After keeping all the pipes with proper slope, waterproofing person will cover the holes they made by mixing few chemicals
  6. perform plastering for bathroom
    • Masons can perform rough plastering work in the bathroom
  7. fill the bathroom with small stones
    • In this step waterproofing person filled the bathroom with gravel which will come in sand. This will be one layer.
  8. fill concrete on top of small stones with proper slope
    • Once gravel is filled he poured concrete for 3 inch. Arrangement was done such way that in case of leakage happens water will go into gravel layer and after that near to the extra pipe. From extra pipe water will come outside. In case of leakage water will come outside so that we can identify the issue.
  9. fix tiles/granite on top of concrete surface
    • As per your choice you can fix the tiles or granite on the surface of the bathroom