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Electrical work Quotation

For Residential houses electricians will take up the work based on per unit basis or at a lump-sum.

Below quotation given by my electrical contractor during my house construction. On top of this quotation they will reduce the price based on your discussion

This price is applicable only in Maratha halli area in Bangalore. In other places this will differ. I paid electrician based on this quotation during November/December 2013.

Electrical work Quotation:

S No  Description  Unit Price
1 Lighting point   Per Unit 95
2 Plug point   Per Unit 50
3 Fan point   Per Unit 115
4 Bell point   Per Unit 125
5 Two way point   Per Unit 125
6 A.E.H Point   Per Unit 300
7 T.V Point   Per Unit 125
8 Telephone point   Per Unit 125
9 U.P.S Point   Per Unit 500
 10 Motor point   Per Unit 400
 10 Main D.P point   Per Unit 750
 10 A.E.H Circuit  per feet 9
 10 Lighting circuit  per feet 6
 10 Meter board cable and grounding work  one 2000