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Water Tank

Plastic tanks:
  • Now a days people are going for plastic tanks.
  • plastic tank cost will be around Rs ~ 5 rupees per liter (Oct 2013).  Now Triple layer tanks are coming. Better to go with triple layer tanks
Tanks which are built by cement:
  • Before plastic tanks come in people use construct tanks using bricks and cement
  • This is more economical.
  • extra care need to be taken while constructing to avoid any leaks.
  • Use water proofing material by taking your engineer advise.
  • Go through  Sump and Tank page  to get more details

In case if you are constructing tank put two or three layers of concrete while constructing sump that will avoid cracks. In below picture they kept three concrete layers.
How much height is required to setup solar tank
  •     It should be around 5 feet to 5′ 6″ feet from the roof
  • When ever you are placing a tank on a metal base don’t forget to keep tank in flat surface. like shown in below picture. In below picture tank was placed on kadapa stones.

Water tanker placement:
  • water tank should be placed in roof according to vasthu