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Before Planning to put bore observe surrounding sites/area bore well points
  1. Gather information on successful and failure bore well points near your site
  2. If successful how much water neighbor got, How much depth each bore well went
  3. For each bore well point how much depth casing they used.
 All above point will help you in analyzing your decision on Bore well digging and cost
Ask vendors to bring High speed hydraulic Rigs to your site. So that work will be faster with less manual effort
Usually 6.5″ inch diameter bore well drill bit will be used for all domestic purposes
Before start of bore well digging, it is better to inform all your neighbors. So that they will be prepared to get out of dust and noise
In Bangalore Maratha halli area, people used MS pipes for casing. 10″ PVC casing will come outside of the MS casing pipe. Check with your vendor and engineer whether there is a need to put PVC casing or not.