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For most of the buildings two types of Bricks will be used.
  • Red brick
  • Hallow cement brick
Red brick:
Usually red brick size will be 9″ * 4″ * 3″
In Soil bricks itself there are various types of bricks. Process will be different to make these bricks
  1. Wire cut brick
  2. Table mold brick
Before constructing wall, ask mason to spill water on bricks. You will come to know if there are any bricks which not properly heated. with this processyou can easily remove them
Sample Photos:
Wire cut brick:
Bricks rear view:
Wire cut Bricks lot:
Cement bricks:
Cement blocks will be available in differnt sizes. Cement blocks will be of two types.
  1. Solid cement bricks — Hallow space
  2. Hallow cement bricks  — In between the brick hallow space will be there
With Hallow and solid cement bricks, you can complete wall construction faster than normal red bricks.
if you are taking cement bricks make sure vendor did proper curing for these bricks. Then only strength will be there.
Fly ash bricks:
Few people are using Fly ash bricks are also. these bricks are lighter weight.
Solid bricks: