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What Type of sand every one should use

Role of sand:

Sand will play a key role in construction. If you use good sand, construction quality will get increased and buildings will last longer.
Even though good sand price will be always high, better to use good sand rather than filter sand.
Based on work try to bring sand of different types. For molding you can bring rough sand and for plastering you can bring nice sand so that you can avoid wastage.
While bringing sand make sure it is free of dust and clay balls.
How to find out whether  it is good sand or not
Sand won’t be sticky when you take it into your hand
Filter sand:
Filter sand can be made by washing the soil with water. once it is washed all the dust particles will go off and finally filter sand you will get.
Few vendors will mix filter sand in good sand  and sell. So have a contact with good reliable vendor.
Filter sand will be available for cheaper rate.
Ex: Good sand is available in kolegallu. this sand is famous in Bangalore for good quality.
When we are constructing latest house we paid Rs 12000 for ~300-330 cubic feet’s(November 2009). Price of the sand will vary from time to time. At the time of lorry strike prices will be very high and you may not get sand even if you want to pay more. so be cautious. Reserve one or two loads of sand always.
Have a vendor who will supply good sand.
Picture of good sand:
Rough Sand photos:
Nice sand Photos
Good Sand preferably used for plastering:

Watch below video to know more about sand which is suitable for plastering

Good Rough Sand. Suitable for Pillars, footings, Molding:

Watch below video to know more about san which is suitable for plastering


Picture of bad sand:
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