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House Expenditure Tracker

Maintain your expenditures in Dairy and also in Excel sheet.
Create an excel sheet with below columns
Date Amount Given To Amount Given By Description of expenditure Amount Account Remarks
Date — expense date Amount Given To — Person name who has taken money Amount Given By– Person name who has given money Amount — expenditure cost Description of expenditure – explanation of the expenditure  In this column give every detail of the expenditure.  Ex: If you purchased a jelly then don’t forget to mention height * length * width of tipper/lorry and cost of the jelly for each cubic feet  So that Expenditure tracker will be a good reference in future. Remarks — In case if there are any remarks. Account — This is the most important column.   If you purchased sand then it will come under sand account; jelly means Jelly account  If any of the carpenter workers are taking money, then amount will come under carpenter account.  By filtering Account column you can easily track entire amount you spent on each group.