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Bill Payments

  • t is Ideal to settle all your bills every week because as a owner you will be tracking many things
  • If you are doing cash transactions you will get some discount/preference from vendors.  Usually vendors prefer to get these kind of customers
  • You can maintain all the bills in a separate folder. Definitely you will look for some information in the bills. So keep track of every thing.
For an instance if a worker came along with you to purchase meterial , Worker will demand commission from shop owner when you are not there. Eventually all these commisions will lead to an extra cost to owner
In some cases shopowners will have deals with workers to bring new customers.
I will not say every one is like this but there are people who will do like this.
You can avoid above by following ways:
  • Have a direct contact with shop owner.
  • Be aware of actual costs of an item.
  • Make an condition with shop owner to call your phone when workers goes to shop for any meterial.
  • Always bring meterial by yourself.