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How to select Plumber

  • Personally go and look at plumber past works.Enquire about his attitude with past owners.
  • While checking , check for any leakages in the buildings where he worked in past.
  • while checking buildings select the ones which are 2-3 years  old. so that all the defects might have come out.
  • While fixing an aggrement, consider maintainability aspect also. Whether plumber will be available or not. This is important thing.
  • While speaking with Plumber, before finalizing the agreement with him, check below items with him whether he will do all these works or not. Let me know if there are any items I missed
    1. Rain water harvesting
    2. Bore well fitting ( from bore well to tank)
    3. Kaveri/Manjeera/CMC/Local bore/Municipality   water  line
    4. Solar water heater connections
    5. Hot water for kitchen if required
    6. Bath room and kitche pipes fixing
    7. Chambers construction
    8. Pit connection
    9. Motor connection – Sump to tank
    10. Water proofing work – few of the plumbers will not do this but u can check with them