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Guidelines before renting house

This page is for house ownere. Following are the points what i can think of  regarding best practices, before giving rent for a tenent. All these points owner should maintain in one dairy.

Electicity meter numbers and paint numbers

  • Note down all the electicity meter numbers – This will be useful for segrigating the bills
  • Note down Geayser numbers for each house
  • Wardrobe key number
  • Internal wall paint number for walls
  • Paint numbers for window shutters, window rods, doors
  • House owner can pay power bills of all the tenents at one shot this will save time for all the tenents

Note down all the House key numbers in dairy:

  • Owner has to note down all the lock key nembers for each house along with the company name.
  • While purchasing door locks it is better to purchace the locks which has three keys.
  • If owner is handing over all the keys to teanent, then advise tenent to keep one key at their relatives/friends house where he has trust. This method is extreamly useful during key loss and avoid beaking the lock

Rental agreement format:

Owner can have a rental agreement with the points which specific to his house.

Access sample House rental agreement. Edit according to your requirement


  • Few houses will have maintainence costs and few will not
  • Few owners will collect painting charges and few won’t collect any thing

List of instructions based on social responsibility:

Owner can give these instructions to teanents on garbage throwing guidelines, parking best practices.

Identification proof:

It is ideal to collect any ID proof of the tenent. With this unknown people who are planning to perform anti-social activities will not come for rent. For geanune people this will not be a problem

Permanent address and emergency contact

Collect Perment address of the employee and two emergency contact numbers. These two things will be very useful during accidents and medical emergencies