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How to find pit capacity/ How many literes pit will store
        r – radius of cement ring
        h – height of rings
        22/7 – pie value (3.14)
  1. To find out your pit capacity first you need to have radius of cement ring and height of all rings
  2. Substitute all the values in above formula you will get the capacity of pit.
  3. 1 feet cube area(1′ length * 1′ width * 1′ height) will store upto 28 ltrs of water.
  4. So multiply your pit cubic area with 28 and you will get your pit storage capacity in liters
  5. Above formula will work only if your tank shape is in round shape

Activities for Pit construction:

  • For pit you need to dig soil in circular shape
Digging pit
  • After that circular cement rings will be placed into pit
  • On top of the rings two rocks will be placed with 6″ hole.
        <attach figure here>
  • 6″ pipe need to be fixed in hole. This provision is required to clean pit without removing rocks.
  • Pit cleaning machine will suck waste from this 6″ hole. you can see pit cleaning vehicle below