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House construction related videos

I captured few videos related to construction.
Here i am sharing video links. Hope these videos will help you.

I am planning to give all the videos at one place so that it is easy for you to access.

How you can make use of House construction tips website. This video will help you with respect to navigatin


  • How to identify good sand whether it is good or bad sand ?
  • How one can identify river sand.

Sand which is used for plastering purposes. If you use this wastage will get avoided.

Bore well digging :

First of all, Sorry for capturing this video at low light but i don’t have other option.

This video about bore well digging

Bore Well Pipes removal

Digital Electric meter :
For our house, electric vendor brought these electric meters. It is a digital electic meter

Mahendra motor:
We brought mahendra motor for our residential house. This motor has has big impeller so it can pump more water