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Usually steps will be 6″ to 7″ height. Normally For 30 * 40 site staircase size will be around 5 feet OR 6 feet.
The more space you have for steps is more comfortness you will get.
 Steps will be constructed in two or three different ways
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Below Picture shows the base for Steps. At the place of steps landing mason will dig one to two feet depth and they will pour concrete.
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While constructing staircase stairs side edges should be upper than steps. So that water flow will not come outside of steps. This will be useful mainly during rainy seasons.
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If you are constructing staircase steps with cement, thread marks should be applied to each stair which will give good grip
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If you are covering steps with kadapa stones ask layer to draw lines on edges
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While selecting clay tiles select the ones which has grip
<Refer picture in Stair case designs section — embossed grip>
<Attach few clay tiles photos>
You should ask mason to keep staircase water borders, this will avoid water coming below stair case.
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Plan your lighting  such a way so that it is visible in both of the stairs.
If you look at the below picture light  ket in landing place so that if you switch-on the light you can see the stairs in both directions. I do see most of the people neglect this but this is extremely useful
Stair case designs:
By using different clay color tiles you can design a pattern which will give good look for staircase.
In below picture 2′ red tile was kept in between and 6 inch black tile.
Fish Bone Steps:
Steps with Granite
Gru cutting (line at the edge of each step) will give proper grip so that it will not skid. In case if you are going with granite steps make this arrangement
Steps with cement finish