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Before Molding – II

Filling the gaps between wall and side centering sheet:
  • This method will have more impact, In case if you are constructing walls along with pillars
  • Small gaps will be left unattended once centering people completes their work
  • Since these gaps are not covered, while pouring concrete all the cement mixture will come out
  • <Attach a picture>
  • To avoid this leackage during molding time , apply cement for the gaps, before starting barbending work
  • Refer below picture, you can observe cement was applied for beam edges. Before applying cement, gaps were there
  • <Attach photo here>
  • So most of the leackage issues will get solved
  • This is better way rather than filling these gaps under cealing on molding day. With less work you can increase the quality of the cement mixture.

Centering with sticks

Sheet centering Sheet centering 1