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Bulk Material Purchase

Purchase material in bulk if you have storage place and safety
In Bangalore K R Market is the right place to get bulk material.
There will be many shops and all will be at one place. You will get very competitive price over here
Most of the vendors in Bangalore will get items from Market and sell in thir own shops.
You can get following items from market
  •  Electric material- wires, switches, switch boxes, copper plates, copper wire etc
  •  Submersible motors, monolithic motors, pump etc
  •  Plumbing material — pipes, fittings, water tanks,
  •  Kitchen items, bathroom fittings
  •  Carpenter material — hinges, aldrops, locks, door handles
  • Cast iron pieces
If you purchase cement more than 50 bags you will get 10 rupees discount from the normal price

You can purchase ropes in large quantity. these ropes are used to tie sticks during plastering