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Automatic water level controller

Automatic water level controller  is a device though which your sump electric motor will switched on automatically and get switched off automatically once tank is full.

There are companies available who will come and install these water level controller sets in your house for your sump and over head tank. Basically it will work with a device.

First, they will identify a suitable place to keep this machine. Ideally all the people will keep this machine near motor switch.

Recently we installed water level controller instrument for our house 1st Dec 2013.

automatic water level controller 1 Automatic water level controller

During setup process,  from sump one cable will be pulled until motor switch point

From upper tank also one more cable will be pulled until motor switch.

Both of the wires will be joined in the instrument  and motor wire also will get connected to this instrument.

With in Tank and sump there will be aluminum pieces which will be there for sensing the water level

Aluminium water sensors in overhead tank:

water level indicators 1 water level indicators 2 water level indicators in upper tank

Aluminium water sensors in ground floor sump:

Grue cutting done till sump

Once water level is low in upper tank automatic water level controller will automatically switch on the motor. Once Sump water is low,  then system will switch off motor

If you want to operate manually you can do that thorough this machine

Precautions which you need to take: Provide an electric pipe from motor switch to sump to take cable wire

Provide a pipe till sump so that you need not take this cable wire out side.

If cable is outside then there is a good chance that it will get damaged.

automatic water controller wire in electric pipes

Price: When I purchased it is 2750 rupees. This includes the system, wire and installation and labour.


  • No need to switch on motor daily. This will save your time and daily monitoring
  • Water overflow will be avoided from over head Tank
  • With respect to sump, dry run will get avoided
  • In case if you don’t want automatic pumping option you can always set the manual operation option and it will work as normal switch