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Puja Room

  • You can cover Puja room walls with tiles. while covering these tiles you can print God photos.
  • In Shops you will get almost all every god photo.
  • Preferably use the same tile for printing God photo because vendors will use different tile.
  • Maximum size of the God photo will be 2′ * 2′. Below is the sample picture. 6 tiles of 8″ * 12″ size
  • Lord Venkateswara picture was made by using two tiles. 2 tiles of1′ * 2′ size
  • You can observe, tiles out side of picture doesn’t have any colour varience since to print picture same tiles are used.
Puja room door frame designs:
You can get wood door design frames
Puja room door designs:
  •  In botoom portion of door you can have have bells.
  • you can paint any picture from catalog(you can get this catalog in glass shops) based on different sizes of the door.
puja-room-door-design Puja room glass design Puja romm glass design 2

Puja room door designs:

Puja room base:
Puja room base can be created in different models.
In below picture if you observe there is a hallow to keep puja items.below the base
Granite layer is preparing Puja room base 
Puja Mantapam created by marble
Puja mantapam prepared with wood