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About Us

As you are one of  our website reader,   It will be ideal to know about my experience in construction field.

This website is running from 2010-12-24 (this is the date i purchased this domain. Earlier i was using google sites). Occasionally, I will receive requests related to house plan preparation and plan verification. After seeing those mails I thought it will be helpful if I can write about my experience on house construction field. So that you will have correct expectations for me.

I am not a civil engineer or an Architect. I am a software professional working in Bangalore. Till now, I was involved in construction of three houses along with mine.  As an end-user I know what difficulties each one of us face.  That is one of the main reason why I started this blog and sharing my experiences with you all. Most of the pages are written based on our own observation. I honestly believe civil engineering experience is not need to write these pages. You can observe all the tips are based on end-user observations/experience. I am enthusiastic to learn new things and current trends.

Please join with me to share your ideas or best practices with me. So that we all can build a better community for all of us.

Along with me there are many people who will support HCT  in terms of  ideas and user experience.

Family members:

Sailaja: She is my sister. She facilitates all the needs for me to concentrate on my work. She insist me to be more productive( yes, I am not productive). She will validate all my ideas about articles in this website.

Niranjan: He is my brother-in-law.  He is a word of mouth publicity for my website . He recommends my website to all his colleagues and friends.

Sreedevi: my Wife. Reviews the website from appearance perspective.

Geetha: My another sister . She is a tester. she insist me to improve the website user interface.


Sai: Sai is my M.C.A class mate. We discuss the ideas and future plans of this website. He created a first logo for this site. Currently this logo is active in House Construction tips face book page

 HCT Logo Sai

Venkata Vidya Sagar: My M.C.A senior.Vidya Sagar is creative person. For one of the requirement he created House construction Tips banner. HCT banner is first image from HCT

HCT BannerHCT Banner PNG

Dharani: My M.C.A senior and relative.We both discuss ideas which we need to implement in future. He reviews website when new feature will get added.

Satish:  MCA classmate. He is my monitory inspiration in adscence area. In our batch he is the first one who earned advertisement income from website.

Nagendra: Shares the improvement areas in pages. Gives documents  and pictures from his home construction.

My Present House Address:

#25, Lalli Lane, Munnekolala, Maratha Halli, Bangalore- 560037, Karnataka, India

Near SGR dental college, Opposite to  Ayons Pre-School