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Site Marking

  • Site marking is one of the starting point of your construction.
  • In this activity your Engineer and Meastri will identify pillar placements.
  • Once pillars placement is identified based on soil condition earth work will start.
  • Engineer will mark the area around the piller. Earth workers will dig marked area
  • Depending on soil condition pillar depth will vary.
  • Some people perform puja before starting this marking.
Pillar plan — This plan you will receive from Engineer. This will tell you about distance between pillar to pillar.
Empty Site:
Required meterial on marking day from owner(These may change subject to situation 🙂 )
Threads — this is used to tie rods
Paint and brush — 100 ML paint to mark walls
chalk powder — This is used to mark digging area
Steel rods — used to tie threads usually around 2-3 feel long
Empty site:
Empty site after cleaning: