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Plumbing Work

  • Check whether plumber is using washers while joining pipes.
  • Latrine pipes on wall should have a slope of 2″ because waste should go along with water. If slope is more water will go fast and waste will stay in pipes.
  • While pumping water from sump to tank use long bends or 45 degree bends instead of 90 degree bend. So that water will flow with less resistance.
  • In case if you use 90 degree bend force reduction will be more.
  • while purchasing motor, see Motor has big impeller or not. The bigger impeller will push more water with more force.
  • setup a 3″ pipe connection to sump towards street so that instead of opening sump door you can empty tanker.

Observe plumbers are keeping proper slope for the water traps.


Plumbing pipes:

75 mm pipe 4 KG gauge

110 mm pipe 4 KG gauge