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Pillar Footings

In below Photograph this pillar is ready for footings.
  1. you can observe there is a mat below the pillar.
  2. below iron mat, 4-6 inch 40 mm jelly base was prepared
  3. on top of 40 mm jelly base, marking was dine (here it is not clear – download this photo and zoom, you will find that)
  4. on top of marking pillar will be kept tightened with binding wire.
  5. To avoid shakes pillar was kept in between to long sticks and heavy bags were kept on edges
  6. In third picture, you can observe all the pillars are prepared like above and they are ready for footings.
  7. Concrete will be poured in this pits. In this case we went with 2 feet height
pillar-with-concrete-footing http://www.houseconstructiontips.com