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Wood Selection

When do you need to purchase wood? or When will be correct time to purchase wood?
People will construct house in two diffrent ways.
    • First method– people will finish all molding work then they will construct walls.
    • Second method– Along with pillars people will construct walls. once wall construction is done they will go for roof work.
Owner has to decide in which method he has to go with.
If you are going with second option, then you need to purchase wood well in advance.
  • Once plinth work is over then you need to put the Main door frame and other door frames
  • Start purchasing wood one month before Main door frame fixing.
  • Once wood is purchased preserve wood in dry place in shadow so that wood will get seasoned.
  • Once plinth is ready you can ask carpenters to start working on Door frames and window frames.
  • If wood is seasoned properly it will not give cracks and bends.
  • At a nutshell you need to start working on wood purchase well in advance.
  • wood need to be seasoned well before use.

Teak wood:

  • Teak wood one of the costly and good wood. Usually people use this wood for Main door and Puja door
  • weighs is less sttength is more

Teak wood planks 1 Teak wood planks 3 Teak wood planks
Neam wood:
  • less costly, strong wood, if not seasoned properly it will give cracks and bends.

Personal openion: For my house we used Neam wood for window frames and door frames. Here and there, there are few issues but if i see from economic perspective i got benefited

Door frame wood Sizes:

  •  For Main door frame take 5″*3″ (5 inch * 3 inch) size wood
  •  For all other bedroom and bath room doors 4″ * 3″ size wood is sufficient. You can go for larger size also if you can offered

Window frame wood Sizes:

  •  For window frames you can take 4″ * 3″ size OR 5*4.  If you are planning to go for two shutters (both glass and mesh to avoid mosquitoes )  you need to tell this at saw mill

Window shutters :

  • Once plastering work is over window shutters work will start.
  • Befor purchasing wood for shutters, you need to decide window shutter design. There are various design are there.
  • You may need to plan two months advance to before this work start. Once you buy shutters meterial, this need to be seasoned properly.