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Water Tank

Plastic tanks:
  • Now a days people are going for plastic tanks.
  • plastic tank cost will be around Rs ~ 5 rupees per liter (Oct 2013).  Now Triple layer tanks are coming. Better to go with triple layer tanks
Tanks which are built by cement:
  • Before plastic tanks come in people use construct tanks using bricks and cement
  • This is more economical.
  • extra care need to be taken while constructing to avoid any leaks.
  • Use water proofing material by taking your engineer advise.
  • Go through  Sump and Tank page  to get more details

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In case if you are constructing tank put two or three layers of concrete while constructing sump that will avoid cracks. In below picture they kept three concrete layers.
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How much height is required to setup solar tank
  •     It should be around 5 feet to 5′ 6″ feet from the roof
  • When ever you are placing a tank on a metal base don’t forget to keep tank in flat surface. like shown in below picture. In below picture tank was placed on kadapa stones.

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Water tanker placement:
  • water tank should be placed in roof according to vasthu
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