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Temporary Power

Information in this Page is applicable to Bangalore. Other places I am not aware.
Karnataka Electric board(KEB) will give temporary power connection to the people who is constructing new house.
<Provide initial cost of the temporary connection – discuss about refund>
There are different kilowatt limits. based on wattage owner will get bill.
If it is 1KW then at present bill amount is  Rs 672 rupees for below 100 units of power consumption.
For every 28 days owner has to pay electric bill without fail. otherwise penalty will be more.
KEB will take ~2500 as an initial deposit which is refundable.
when you are disconnecting temporary power connection, KEB will not refund this money but it will be adjusted to one of  your permanent meter bill. You will have an option to select perticular house meter
How to pay Temporary power bill [OR] How to renew existing temporary connection.
  •     Fill separate form with previous reading and current reading of the current meter. provide load of the connection.
  •     Take the form and get it signed by Junior engineer (JE) of your area.
  •     Once you get signature of  JE, take the form and submit it in the branch KEB office (In my case i used to go to HAL from Maratha Halli)
  •     In Branch office they will prepare bill and you can pay the bill there itself.
This is the application form which is available in Maratha Halli, Bangalore. You can take a printout of it :). Check is this is the form in your area.
How to take Meter reading:
Now KEB is issuing digital meters.
on top of the meter there will be a black button . you need to press that button to get the current reading
First meter will show date then time
Meter reading Meter reading
you can observe KWh in the below picture. This is the meeter reading
you can observe Pd in the below picture. This is the connection load.
Connection Load Connection Load
you need to note down current meeter reading and connection load, take this information to Junior Engineer