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Painting process

There are no strict rules to follow the below process but most of the people will follow the same process in Bangalore. One important thing is to make a note of color name and number. Now color mixing is done through software. Vendor will mix the selected paint into white base of paint category. Make sure to note down the number of the paint for the future purposes.
Inside house painting process :
Painting is a five step process for new house(inside house).
First painters will clean building walls and cealing
1.Apply primer
2.Apply wall putty
3.Apply wall putty — second coat
4.apply selected paint coat
5.apply selected paint coat — final one

Applying Primer: This is the first step in painting process.

Applying Putty:This process will bring smooth surface to the walls. To identify/test smoothness you can take a tube light and wall under that lighting , you will come to know smoothness of wall.

If plastring was not done properly then you will end up spending more amount on wall putty

Applying paint: Once putty was applied then paint quote will start.

once you finish one quote of painting electrical people will fix switches.

Carpenters can start working on wardrobes and kitchen wood work

Once you finish all the works in house you can go for second quote.

You can paint second quote once after Gruha Pravesham because of homam paint color may change.
Outside house painting process :
Painting is a three step process for new house
First painters will clean building walls
1.Apply primer
2.apply selected paint coat
3.apply selected paint coat — final one
Painters are painting primer for outside walls
After applying the primer
Painters are painting first quote of outside painting
Painters are doing sanding — inside the building
Room after sanding is done
protecting the electric switches with taps — before painting process