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Granite Vendors in Bangalore

Granite vendors are available in following ares in Bangalore.

Ganite vendors will sell different sizes of granite slabs and tiles
  • Plenty of Granite manufactures and exporters are available in Jigini.
  • You can get wide variety of granite slabs and tiles in Jigini
  • Let this be your first choice to select granite.
  • I observed price difference also when compared to other places. In Jigini you will get material for less price

Note: In case if you have made up of your mind to take specific stone for your house ( Eg: Bass paradise) then you can visit the factory directly in Jigini. I tried this option for my own house at final stage. Though i didn’t purchase any thing directly from factory i observed  Rs. 5 to Rs 8 difference. Since you need material in bulk  you can save a lot.

To work on this option you need to roam around with your own vehicle. You may need to spend two or three days of your time specifically for this.

In Jigini there will be people who can show you these factories like a guide 🙂 if you pay them their daily labour. ( I heard this news from a shop owner from Andhra pradesh)

If you have some free time, you can try above option. Keep exploring.

Sarjapur Road:
  • You can find many granite shops in this area also.
  • Granite shops are available from Wipro corporate office to near railway track
Kanakapura Road:
  • I heard many shops are there in this area also, but i never been there.
Maratha Halli ring Road:
  • Very few shops are available in between Marattha halli and KR Puram railway station
Near Ramamurthy Nagar:
  • Few shops are available in between TIN Factory and Ramamurthy Nagar