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Granite Selection

Granite will be available in different sizes

  • These are big slabs. height will > ~ 5′ and length will > ~ 7′
  • Thickness: 20 MM to 40MM
  • height varies frrom 2.5′ to 4.5′ and length will > ~ 7′
  • Thickness: Mostly 20 MM


  • Tiles will be available in different sizes usually 2′ * 1′ , 2′ * 2′, 1.5′ * 1.5′
  • Thickness: ~10 MM
Granite selection:
  • If this is the first time for you on granite slection
  • Decide weather you are planning to go for slabs or tiles.
  • Decide what is your range of the price you want to go with
  • When you are clear with above two factors, ask vendors to show meterial in your budget and size of the slab/tile
  • Visit all the granite vendors in one area and do take their visiting card. if you like granite colour, mention it’s name and get the best price from that vendor.
  • Do collect this information from all vendors.
  • Then decide granite based on colour/pattern, price, quality of the material and transportation

Points to Note:

  • In some of the granite types iron content will be more.  avoid taking them
  • Before taking granite check whether it has any cracks. If cracks are there then vendor will not consider that portion in his measurement
  • Since it is a natural stone you may not find similar pattern tomorrow. It differs from stone to stone. So when ever you are taking granite take every thing from one lot
  • Don’t purchase granite tiles which are unsized, these will take more effort of layer and more cutting cost
  • There are tiles with rough finish. vendors will get this roughness through flamming
  • Flamed tiles are widely used in bath rooms and out side of the house or in passages
  • Granite gangsows will come in different finishings like mat finish which will avoid skidding