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Checklist before visiting Engineer or Architect

Before creating a  hose plan for your site, Your site engineer or Architect requires few confirmations/inputs from you. If you provide these inputs then he will be able to give you a plan which will suite for your current and future needs.  So before consulting an engineer/Architect keep all the below information ready so that you can have more meaningful meetings with him. Both parties time will be saved.

Below is the list of points which you need to gather before consulting Engineer/Architect

Basic information and purpose of construction:

You need inform engineer about site facing, site boundaries and dimentions

you need to explain him about the purpose of construction whether it is for Own occupancy OR Own + Tenant OR it is commercial purpose 

Number of Floors:

You need to tell how many floors you are going to construct. This includes your future construction plan also. Based on this Engineer will plan Pillar sizes and depth of the foundation. Basically engineer will plan for structural strength.

Car Parking:

Depending on the number of  cars and bikes what you have at present Engineer will leave space for parking area. In case if you are constructing houses for rent purpose Then if you are planning to provide parking for their car/bike then accordingly you need to leave the parking place

In case if you have extra large cars then don’t forget to inform him about this

Number of Houses: 

Depending on number of houses you are planning to construct ,Sump capacity also will differ. Based on the number of houses he will give the tank capacity 

Self Occupancy:

how much area is needed for your self occupation. This you can decide based on the number of  family members and affordability. With this you can decide whether you need to go with single bed room  house/double bed room house /duplex house /triplex house

In case if you are constructing big house in one floor and smaller houses in another floor then engineer has to adjust pillar structure accordingly. For example in 30X40 site , entire first floor can be planned as double bedroom (self occupancy) and in second floor two single bed rooms can be planned.

Puja room:You can specify how much big Puja room is needed for you and your family  

Balcony: If you are interested about sit-out area/Balcony then you need to inform him. 

Other Items you need to consider: 

  • Dining space is need or not
  • Extra bathrooms or needed or not and there sizes
  • Utility Areas
  • Lift facility is needed or not
  • Store room is needed or not
  • Are you going for basement or not
  • If building size is more you need to keep a place for transformer
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Are you going with Brick or solid block construction– with this decision pillar sizes will vary
  • which type of windows do you prefer, Wood or Aluminium, or CPVC

Provide dimension of the site to the Engineer or he will come and measure the empty site

In case bore well is already drilled then you need to give him the exact location of bore-well. So that he will make sure bore point will not co-inside with plinth beam or any pillar 

If you would like to have your houses with Vasthu compliant then you need to inform him about this

If you are planning to have a watchmen room then you need to inform him

In case if you are planning to keep the Gas Cylinders in the Ground floor then ask him to provide the space.

If you are a animal lover then you need to have provision separate room for pets.

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