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Advantages of float ball valve

Kaveri/Municipality water will not come in definite timelines. So one has to always observe the water inflow and switch off the water inflow by fixing a gate valve. Usually Kaveri/Municipality water will be measured through water meter. So it is ideal to stop water if it reached certain level. So that water can’t go back. To do this you can use gate valve but you have to monitor this and switch off.  In this scenario floating ball valve will be very useful for sumps.

Floating ball valve:

Floating ball valve is a valve which will have air filled ball. This air filled ball will control the inflow of water.When water level is low then it will allow the water to come inside the tank. If water reaches to certain level then it will stop the water to come in. This instrument will not be suitable for high pressure applications.

Brass Float Valve

Brass Float Valve

Advantages of float ball valve:

No need to monitor/control the inflow of water in Sump. Water will be stopped once it reached pipe level

Different types in float ball valves:

In market you can get two types of float valves. One is made up of PVC material and another one is made up of brass material

Watch this video to see Brass float valve:

Watch this video to see PVC float valve:

Which one to use:

What we observed is PVC ball valve will not work perfectly . This depends on ball size and washer thickness.  In Brass item washer quality is good and ball size is more. Because of these two reasons brass float valve will work better then PVC ball valve


In case of high pressure in pipes float valve won’t be able to handle the pressure.  During this scenarios you always need to use gate valve. This will be the ideal setup.


To control the water inflow, flow valve will greatly help us to reduce monitoring effort.

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